Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy Boys

Do any of you have a busy boy(or girl) in your life? I've got some, one in particular has trouble harnessing his energy(this is the 4 year old). Had an interesting day in Church yesterday. I've been keeping him upstairs about half the service and then letting him go 'help' his brother in the nursery the rest of the time. Due to a few factors which were mainly nursery didn't seem to care if he were there and two I could still hear half the service because if he was with me I'd was generally too distracted. Yesterday he stayed upstairs the whole time. I told him he did a great job staying upstairs for the service but talked about how he is going to have to work on being more still. He sat with some friends(adult friends not children) and came and visited me a few times. But did many laps around the sanctuary. Like I said lots of energy! The thing is, do you realize many people learn this way? Towards the end of service the Pastor is giving a side story and I guess #4 asks a question. I hear Pastor say "no that's ok, go ahead with your questions." So #4 proceeds to ask and it is directly related to what Pastor had been talking about! and Pastor repeats it and answers it for all to hear. I was just overjoyed thinking well he may be running around(and I realize that can be very distracting) but at least he is listening to the message!
So if you have a busy child, do you have any tips for helping them to be still in public venues? At home we can do jumping jacks and recite math facts or stand on our head and recite poetry but what how do you handle when you are out and about?

Two thoughts from Our Daily Bread today.

A life of obedience may not be easy, but it will be blessed(Luke 11:28) ~Julie Ackerman Link

You don't need to know where you're going if you know God is leading.

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Deanna said...

Take a good run before church and give him something to fidget with that won't make noise but is fun to keep his hands busy with instead. Challenge him to untie some really hard knots, for instance.
Then there's always a weight on his lap. No, I don't mean for restraint, but it actually calms the savage beast inside.