Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been thinking(!) of all the blessings in my life.  Sometimes they get overlooked by the unpleasant things.  Since we should feed what we want to grow my thought was I need to link up with The Heavenly Homemaker and join her(and others) on Gratituesday as we can all share the positive things going on in our lives.

This week I am thankful for nice weather.  I have to admit, it is chillier than I prefer but it is just right for drying the laundry outside.  You see I have no dryer and no way to change this right now so I am so happy to be able to easily  dry the laundry at  home and as a bonus have that nice outdoor fresh smell!  There's also that thankfulness of having all the kids that have all the clothes to get dirty:)

ps shh I know it's Wednesday, I'm a work in process!

Monday, October 3, 2011

You might live in Missouri if....

Overheard at the park yesterday:

Two men talking.
Guy one:  We got an invitation to so&so's wedding, it's on the opening day of deer season.

Guy two:  Well you aren't going of course....

Guy one: We have to go(it's some sort of close relation to him).

Guy two:  I can't believe they would schedule a wedding for the opening day(tone of voice has me shaking with laughter).

Guy one:  I might be able to go hunting after the wedding...

I can tell you I never heard conversations like this in Hawaii!  Nor did I grow up in a hunting family so I would not have know to schedule my wedding date around these things LOL!