Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pictures from our visit to France

The older 3 have been studying different countries around the world this year.  Here are a few things we did while in France.

Made our own versions of the Eiffel tower.

 #1 version with paper clips.

 #2 with Popsicle sticks
 #2 made a fashion creation

#3 painted something for the Louvre

Home from France...Something #5 and I worked on.  I've had this book since my oldest was his age but for the first time we made the birthday cake for Little Bear.  Although not pictured we did eat the cake with strawberries and cream as the story talks about.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring time!

We know the end of cold is in sight and we can't wait to see Green!

The middle kids and I got to go on a hike one warm day last week. At the first choice of hike we arrived at the trail head only to find out there was a controlled fire in the area so it was a no go.  We decided to go to the playground on site for a bit.  #2 jumps off the swing and lands on her feet.  #4 decides to try this as well.  With a big grin on his face he jumps and proceeds to throw his body to the ground and roll.  I'm sure it would have made a great tackle, but as far as a jump off the swing, well I held my breathe as I waited to see if he was ok, then laughed in relief.  The boy that has no fear was fine.
  Shortly after that we found our way to another hiking spot.

and today is like this picture, another taste of cold.