Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Girl

From yesterday

Some kids might be disappointed to receive a pack of gum for their birthday. But not mine, it's a treat around here and she's having fun blowing the bubbles....I'm trying my best to ignore the gum smacking......

Happy 8 years!

She picked out a fun-fetti cake with Strawberry Icing and Black Raspberry Chocolate Ice Cream-lots of pink!

Today she had a pool date with a friend-I forgot to take pictures! It was a crazy kind of day and I was just enjoying talking to another adult, LOL! Yesterday, #2's bible study teacher brought cupcakes to class because #2 had been sad the week before that her dad was going to be gone for her birthday. She has such a thoughtful teacher, trying to help cheer her up! Daddy's home now, I think....he kinda crashed once he got home...we'll let you know once the jet lag is gone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Service

We were asked to dance at a service on the beach today. I danced one song with the group (Hula no ke Akua, Dancing for Him). Was a different experience with people on all sides of you in varying degrees of dress;) I just had 2 of the kids with me so the video isn't post worthy as #2 was holding #5 during part of it and so there are pictures of sand and feet, lol! He was sleeping during the run through but she was busy playing then and didn't tape for me. Oh well, maybe next time.
We danced The Prayer, a beautiful song which I can't find in a quick search by itself so here is another group dancing a different dance than we do but it is still beautiful and the song is the same.