Wednesday, February 27, 2008


They are so fun! We went "shopping" in our closets yesterday. #3 & #4 now have 'new' clothes! #3 had fun trying his on! They are all washed up and put in the correct drawers, old stuff has been sorted and is either ready to be stored for later use or in bags to donate to someone else. Oh, the reason I decided to look in the closets is because I was looking for some training pants or underwear. #4 has a keen interest in the potty now. Didn't find any but the treasure trove in clothes that I had forgotten pretty much makes up for it!

We've been talking about Samuel Morse this week. #1 had fun writing out morse code today and they were talking in beeps!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Then and Now

This is what my husband looked like this morning.

He's a bit of a goof ball incase you haven't heard.

This is what the bathroom looked like this afternoon.

Anyone handy enough to install a new tub for us? We'll see you next week;)

This is what my hair looked like this morning.

This is what it looked like this afternoon.

You'll have to excuse the expression, I didn't think she'd ever take the shot.

#2 decided to just get her hair trimmed so she looks much the same. She didn't say a word the whole time we were at the salon. I asked her if she was feeling well when we left. She said she was fine she just felt a bit shy. Apparently she thought it was strange that a man cut our hair today.