Saturday, October 1, 2011

Peeks of Home

The Boys cleaning the house because they had thrown mud on it.  But take a closer look at their feet!  Not sure how helpful their cleaning was!

 We have been saying the Pledge of Allegiance when school starts.  Everyone likes a turn holding the flag:)

We were able to celebrate sweet #2's birthday in the new house.  I've got two in double digits now!

Enjoying a beautiful day.  Kids  have been playing outside with the neighbors all day(the neighbors have the nerf dart guns, which seems to be a huge hit with all the kids).  We also got a lawn mower-the reel kind.  I love it!  Mowed the back yard myself and the older three all took turns testing it out in the front.  I now know where all the troublesome spots will be, because the yard isn't completely flat but enjoy watching the grass fly by girl power(or kid power as the case may be).