Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camping too

Bike time! My kids love bikes, probably because we don't own any! Yes, I'm the mean mom that says since we have no garage(storage) and live on a mountain(steep hill) we can not have bikes at this time. Sorry kids, I might let you hang from trees but coasting down a steep hill on a busy road is where I draw the line! So the kids were thrilled that we rented bikes one day. #1 & #2 have picked up bike riding skill from borrowing strangers bikes at the park(no one is a stranger long around my kids-have no idea where they got that gene from!) #3 has only ever ridden a bike with training wheels but we rented one for him as well. He did pretty well, going on his own for a bits at a time. #1 must have been super fast on his bike since I wasn't able to capture him on film!

If the kids stopped #5 would run up to them. He wanted to ride too and would throw a fit if they left without him. #2 would pick him up on the bike and bring him to the cabin if I wasn't watching close enough!
The one who started it all. Can you tell by the stance how much attitude she has? Strike a pose, there's nothing to it
And this one, can you see the swagger in his walk? Yes, I know he's standing still but the way he's standing, does it suggest swagger in his walk or am I just use to how he walks? Notice he is wearing his rain jacket so he won't get wet but he couldn't resist the puddles and his shorts are wet from jumping in them!
#3 wanted in on the action as well. Here he is in the 'take me as I am' pose.

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