Saturday, November 7, 2009

Did you know Dad's can multi-task too?

It's a little known fact. For example I was working on cleaning the stove top today and baby got fussy.

So dad picked up baby

and continued playing.

Baby is perfectly content, if you can't tell take a closer look.

Such silliness at our house!

Told the kids that we were going to look for dinosaurs today. They told me we shouldn't leave the house without shovels!
Alas the dinos we were looking for had already been discovered.

As we approached these outside the little one started walking slower and slower. He had to be carried inside as he was not too keen on the moving and loud dinosaurs.

He was much happier with the bones that he could 'discover'

Friday, November 6, 2009

cookie baking season

We had our first 'cookie marathon' last Saturday. Made two batches of sugar cookies and one batch of chocolate chunk cookies. Yum Yum!!

Yes, the only icing on hand was pink. The pumpkins and leaves tasted good no matter what color they were!

Another swim lesson day. #4's first day. I am such a nervous wreck on swim lesson days...I know these are highly qualified ladies teaching our kids...but the water is so deep and I'm so far away....must release the control issues.....
So everyone survived another day of lessons ;) Today was a Safety day in which they went over rules and skills in which they could help someone in the water even if the lifeguard wasn't around.
Yes, the pictures are from a distance. I need to stay back, so I don't become that parent.

#4 jumped off the diving board twice. I was glad to see a bit of caution in the boy. He is a busy, adventurous boy in general!

#2 pulling someone in.


Yesterday #4 was determined to find treasure. He brought his shovel and sand bucket ready to go on a great dig. After digging for awhile and not finding anything treasure worthy he decided to bury his own treasure to find. Found a couple leaves he liked, buried, then dug them up and with great excitement in his voice shouted "I found treasure!" If only everyone could be so happy with the little things in life.

A couple links to share from the week.

The Happy Housewife had a great take on when Dad's homeschool;)

Mrs. G over at Pioneer Woman's place had some great advice. I've not read any of the books she recommended but I'm behind her 100% on the care and keep of the kids!