Friday, January 29, 2010

We made it!

That's what my goofy oldest boy said as we finished the end of our hike. He likes to talk. He likes to hear himself talk. He likes to talk to everyone he meets-he's going to make quite the old man as he ages. We went on the Diamond Head hike today. Kids have been wanting to go again for awhile. It's been so long they couldn't remember going before. Hey, there are 278 steps on this hike in case you didn't hear. Yeah, I heard that about 278 times on the way did everyone we passed.

How do you feel about sideways shots? It's all I have of the older two. This is at the 'finish line'. Notice someone has abandened his shoes. New shoes=uncomfortable so as soon as we got to the sidewalk off they were.

Not a clear day.

My girl and Spiderboy. He walked all the way up but I did need to carry him down the steep stairs. That was just too scary for him.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

tell us what you really think

It's so fun to see what the first reaction to foods are. #5 has tried a few things- always has the same funny expressions with each new try. Yet always wants more!
We had beans & rice for dinner last night with a variety of toppings. One such topping was an avocado a friend had given us from an over producing tree.
Ah ha a great new food for #5 to try!

What you looking at?

What is this? the taste, the texture ahhh

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This and that

We said good bye (for now) to some friends Saturday. They are headed out to the east coast for awhile. Was going to post of a picture of the kids with them but I'm working on the hubby's computer for now and he has a whole different picture program than I do and I'm not finding the easy button(aka fix red eye here)-how's that for a really long sentence! If little bit ever gives me more than half a second maybe I can play around with that a bit.

We made some yummy cookies today. I had thought to make some yesterday so we could send some with our traveling man but it didn't make the cut. Too bad guess we'll have to eat them all! I actually baked half and rolled the other half up in plastic wrap(like a log) and put in a freezer bag. So next time we want to make some we just take out and slice and bake. This is the first time I've tried this trick so I'll let you know how it works. Here is the recipe we tried. Borrowed it from a friend who raved about it. I can't follow a recipe so I used rice flour instead of all purpose, not as much sugar and was out of nuts...but it was basically the same, right? LOL