Friday, February 27, 2009

Wanted to share this post from Generation Cedar. More stuff about parental rights. I received this email but like that she had put a video with it.

Our Saturday plans:
I'm off tomorrow to try to see my midwife again, this will be the third try, the babies keep coming for her, LOL!
The two older kids start practice for Awana games tomorrow. #2 is really excited about it. #1 says he wants to but I guess he keeps his excitement to himself. Bummer about them being in two different groups is that practice takes all of Saturday afternoon.
We bought some plantings and are trying our hand at gardening in our small space. #3 and I worked on it yesterday. I've worked out a way to reorganize our courtyard to fit in some more containers so in the next couple weeks we will be planting a little more. So far we have one pole beans and cucumber, parsley, basil, 2 tomato plants and some marigolds. We have rosemary, some plant I can't remember(but still have the tag outside) I got it because it had pretty flowers and you can make tea with it. Haven't tried to make the tea yet. We also have marigolds, one tomato and two citronella on the deck out back.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

keiki hula

This was the first run through before church started. You always need that run through to get focused, lol! They did great when they danced during the service but I didn't have them as focused in the camera. Guess because I was watching them instead of watching through the camera then;)

During their 'real' performance a couple of the girls were singing as they danced. Love how real and cute kids can be!

Pictures, because I'm behind

See this photo, it frustrates me. Why? Not the subject matter but the way it is side ways. Why is it sideways? Anyone? In my photo album in looks normal so why does it come out funny?
If you can tilt your head that is #2 with her hula group today. I'll try to post the video in a bit.

The 14th was a nice day with scattering rain droplets abound. We decided to spend some time outdoors, James and I had been able to spend the morning together while the kids enjoyed decorating cookies with their favorite sitter. So I was a little tired in the afternoon but wanted to get the family out of doors. Hmm, where to go where I can relax and yet let the kids to run around? Oh yes, the beach! So besides coming home covered in sand(them from rolling around in it and us from being pelted by it when the wind gusts got us) we had a very enjoyable afternoon:)

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