Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Staying cool in Missouri

  Involves water play

 At the zoo for #3, before another child ran into the birthday boy and knocked him over.  An outing is never an outing until blood is involved!

 A fun way to cool off after a hike.

Mom, mom, we found a lobster!!  Children, do I need to remind you where we live now? There are no lobsters here.
But there are:

I thought he was getting brave enough to pick one up, turns out it was dead!
As you can see everyone else went with the shoe pick up method.  For some reason they were afraid of getting pinched :)

#3's turn

 #3 way back when he was my surfer dude.  Love his blonde locks.  He had a birthday at the beginning of the month and wanted to go to the zoo.

 So we did, with everyone else in the area(or so it seemed!). Walking back to the car the kids played hide and seek in the grass.

Now he is 8! Birthday dessert pick was Strawberry Shortcake.

Monday, June 25, 2012

When he was two.....

 I received a notice that a photo archive was closing and found I had some pictures stashed there.  Was excited to see  these again.

 We are celebrating having #4 in our lives 6 years today!
(when he was 2 he didn't care for cake much)

 He is a handful but so cute and sweet too!  I love his imagination and know he will be a real go-getter in life.

 and this momma loves it when she gets blessed by the random wildflowers(even the not so wild ones) he brings!

Mother's Day of that year.  I was determined to go to the beach and get a picture taken with my babies!

Off to have fun with my birthday boy:)