Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had my first "dental work" experience today. The people in the office seemed surprised I'd never had to have my face numbed before-kinda makes me wonder the state of everyone's teeth these days! So they give me the shot after telling me it usually hurts more on the bottom, great just what one wants to hear. It wasn't too bad then they started twisting it, ok a little uncomfortable then the twisting got a little more out of hand yikes glad that didn't last long! So I'm waiting for the numbness to set in...feel a little tingling and a little more. They ask how I feel and if my tongue is numb. Tongue isn't really numb but wait a minute, you are working on my teeth not my tongue right? Work was done, no discomfort other than the fact that I had to keep my mouth open the whole time. I'm ready to go, hmm my eye is feeling rather funny. Oh wait that's because it is numb too and I can't close it unless I use my hand. This is strange. Glad that is over and I can finally close my eye normally again, definitely don't like something wrong with the eye sight. So all in all not too bad, made it through my 'numbing' experience.

When are we going?

I was looking up car rentals today to see if I could get a better rate in November. My oldest noticed what I was doing and said he wanted to go to California some day. I told him we would someday. Fast forward to later the afternoon. I7 was asking if he could get ready, I said sure get your soccer socks and shin guards on. He asked if we were going before or after soccer practice. I said we are only going to soccer tonight and he got very upset so I asked him to come to me and tell me where else he thought we were going. "But Mom you said we were going to CA" Trying not to laugh I explained how that would be in November and we looked on a map how far away it was from here, talked about Daddy needing to take time off from work and it'd be a good idea to save a little more money for the trip;) Sorry kid that 3 week trip is just little out of the realm of spur of the moment accessibility for our family!