Saturday, September 15, 2007

The older three just completed their first night of Awana's club . They all seemed to enjoy it and were all tired afterward. It'll make for a long Friday for them. I know I enjoyed talking to other christian mom's while they were in class and hope they are getting as much out of it as well. One mom was talking and I just had to stare at her for a minute because I was thinking of what she said. I was thinking of how different it was, now it wasn't anything totally off the wall but it was just the difference of someone committed to Christ and what someone of the world might say. I was realizing how use I am to comments of the world and how I need to guard myself against becoming use to them. Anyway just a little insight for me tonight and maybe you need to guard against outside influences as well.
The kids did learn one thing today. They have to wear close toed shoes and long pants. This is not something we normally do in Hawaii so we were not prepared and they didn't get to play the games. They were understandably a upset but still had a good time and now we know how to dress for club night.
It's been a busy week here and we haven't got to do alot of the extra activities that are studies have suggested. I'm hoping to play a little catch-up this weekend. Kids have been really interested in stars and directions(compass) this week. Also today they pulled out some craft books from Usborne that I have. They were making pirate hats, mice, crowns, lots of things. I was so impressed how well they could follow directions and just be creative without any input from me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pool time

My friend Michelle was showing us pictures of her boys swimming. So keeping her in mind and her great shots(She is very handy with the camera!) I decided to take the camera to the pool for a change.
Now you must know it took many outtakes to get them to jump at the same time. They kept trying to beat each other in the water!

She takes after me with the holding of the nose under water drill. Later on she put her goggles on which cover the eyes and nose.

This is classic. It seemed every time he jumped in the mouth was wide open, it's a wonder he didn't drink the whole pool!

It's dangerous to be the holder of the baby. He loves that splashing so the water is constantly in your face:)

A day at the pool is not complete without trying to push daddy into the pool. Yes, success!