Saturday, December 27, 2014

in the magical time of the year

Unexpected things like packages from special friends from Hawaii appear at your door.  Thank you!

You remember how even though things aren't as you planned, you are so incredibly Blessed!

Enjoy the memories that you make in your chaos from my family to yours :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Greetings

The older 3 went with their Grandparents to see The Nutcracker.  The kids all came back excited with favorite parts of the performance.


Enjoying another warmish, sunny day in the middle of winter.  So happy to see the sunshine in between all the gray, gray days!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Enjoying the day

We went on a hike on this beautiful day.
Oldest helped the youngest along the way:)

Was trying for some Christmas Card pictures along the way.

Crossing the stream without touching the cold water

#5 on camera

Monday, November 10, 2014

Santa Fe

The Girls got to go on a road trip!  Goofiness to ensure!

#2 and I met her Dad in NM(he was there with work).  She got time with me, with him, and with both of us exploring the Land of Enchantment.  She ended up 'complaining' because she wished her siblings were there so she wouldn't be the center of attention and have to make so many decisions(like where to eat).  We got quite a laugh about that! (ps although I took pictures with both of them none will be featured here since I didn't ask for permission)

The Pueblo of Tesuque welcomed us.  Explained their history, honored us with dance and great food.  A beautiful people!

#2 got a picture of camel rock, which you might have notice above, is featured on their flag.

My beautiful girl all dressed up to go to a ball with her Dad.  She had a very special time:)

We explored the downtown plaza area one morning. 
At times felt like we were in another country. (seriously can't you see Aladdin on a magic carpet ride?!? "A whole new world" sing it!)

This is called the miraculous staircase because there is no center support yet it has been standing for many, many years.

Front view of the church.
We got to visit a wild west set.

 Some of our dinner cooking.
Again, seriously good food!
I guess we have too much fun on vacation because we always seem to visit the jail.

Guess I shouldn't have laughed at her so much!
 We went on a hike in the beautiful barren land.


Not a sign I want to see on a bathroom!
A stop on the way home for the horse loving girl!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pike Run Hills Festival 2014

Going back a 100 years and more....we got to hear many stories of the days of old and we
milked old Bessie

visited some soldiers
 and their camp
learned how dangerous it was to load these
received some drill instruction(#1 stayed with the group for awhile)
meanwhile #4 & #5 helped build a log cabin

then we pounded some corn and ground some wheat

This good looking crew learned how to work the saw


and much more!  My favorite might have been watching #4 do the laundry with the washtub and board ;)