Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pike Run Hills Festival 2014

Going back a 100 years and more....we got to hear many stories of the days of old and we
milked old Bessie

visited some soldiers
 and their camp
learned how dangerous it was to load these
received some drill instruction(#1 stayed with the group for awhile)
meanwhile #4 & #5 helped build a log cabin

then we pounded some corn and ground some wheat

This good looking crew learned how to work the saw


and much more!  My favorite might have been watching #4 do the laundry with the washtub and board ;)


Thursday, September 4, 2014

September news

My little helper.  Although he can often have a tantrum that you'd associate with the 'terrible 2's' he can be the greatest assistant!
 Especially in tight spaces! (Helping hook up a washing machine.)

 These guys have gotten into map making again.  Draw a map to unique places and follow it on the course of your adventure.  They also have sacks of nuts(mostly hickory from our yard but some different kinds from the neighbors too).  This is their currency.  Neighbor kids join them in  playing survivor man too.  (make up stories about airplane crashes and make shelters out of cornstalks etc).  Love the imagination at work!
Some new guys to our outdoor crew.  I'm hoping they prove to be useful next year as they do like to chase squirrels(and those gray varmints ate all our corn growing this year!) we need all the help we need all the help we can get keeping them away!

School Days 2014-2015

Not first day of school pictures but taken within the first month; full of fake smiles :)
9th Grade

7th Grade

4th Grade

2nd Grade