Friday, June 27, 2008

We've had another fun filled day, with normal cleaning and caring of home and children aside.We went swimming before lunch, which was quite interesting. There were 3 other children in the pool, I never quite understood how to pronounce their names. Very ethnic sounding. Then I overheard all the children talking and the "others" were telling mine they had a brother that lived "somewhere" mine said 'is that another country?' This had me laughing to myself as I realized it was a town next to us but they hadn't recognized the name. Really they love geography, always studying maps--maybe we should work a little more diligently on local geography!
As some were still napping I realized that in order to use a coupon I had for a free train we needed to go to toysrus today or else it would expire. This is close to the mall, where they are having a lego exhibit so I figure we can combine the two even though this time of the day that is not a direction I'd usually desire to go.
So we made it to the store and there is a notice that coupons gotten on June 19th are no longer valid. I got mine today but inquire inside to double check that mine is good. All is well so we go to the train section. The have a train table set up with tracks and trains so everyone starts playing while I try to find a train this coupon is for. There are 4 choices on the coupon but seems the store only carries one of them and they are sold out. We are all disappointed but I let the kids play a bit more before we go. Another associate comes by and asks me if I'm finding everything ok. I say well I have this coupon but it seems you don't' have what I need. He is very apologetic about the situation. We talk a bit. Seems that first coupon I had noticed on the sign had a lot of problems with it-including someone scanning it on the computer and making fake ones that were used. I said that it's too bad that people would chose to do that because not only does that affect the store/manufacturer but then they may choose not to offer online coupons anymore which would be a disappointment to the general public-who love to get these great finds. Anyway the COOL thing was: He offered to let us pick out any train that was $12.99 or less!! So we still came home with a new FREE train. My children love trains:) #3 especially loves Thomas.
So off to the mall we went to look for legos. The munchkins took all the pictures. #1 is inspired to build great lego designs. We picked up Free apple slices from McD's that the children had earned from the summer library program on the way out and we rode the tram from one side of the mall to the next(did I mention they love trains!!)
So great fun day for us. Now every one is off to bed and I'm looking for a good foot massage:)


Monday, June 23, 2008

Special Day

#1 was baptised Sunday. He was so excited yesterday, the first thing he said to me was you know what today is?? In his excited little voice. There were actually four people who got baptised yesterday and one of the ladies was telling me when they were standing in the back waiting their turn he was just beaming.
Today I heard him talking to #2 about how he started his new life.....just so cute and exciting to her him talking about.

Here are my takes from yesterday. There were a few people taking pictures so I'm hoping to get a shot of his face. #1 was last, there were 3 ladies/girls before him.

Pastor talking about #1

As you will see the children were excited to see up close what was going on.
pastor explain to #1 what he should do when dunked.

Ta Da:) I am so excited for #1 to take this big step and look forward to him growing more and more in the Lord.