Thursday, December 30, 2010

end of the day or part 3

We went to a friend's home for Christmas dinner. While there #5 spotted these lovely Lightening McQueen slippers and did not easily let them go. He has a love for shoes these days and car shoes are apparently even better!
You can see #3 and part of a blue object. That is a blue tub and all the kiddos took turns playing in and rolling around in it. It is usually used to hold toys in that house but if you are looking for a good gift for children 6 and under I would say a large tub would be a big hit!

As soon as we arrived #2 very happily took over baby care for a bit. She was quite smitten with baby L!

Thanks for having us over! It was good to see you again:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Part 2

What a beautiful, sunny day. As per our tradition out here we have to spend some time at the beach!
We had some swim play.
Played with the sunscreen bottles.
Told Grammy 'Merry Christmas!' and applied sunscreen. Gotta keep up on our multitasking skills!
And played a little football(or at least catch with the football).
A wonderful way to spend the day!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How we spent our Christmas, Part 1

After things were opened there was much lego making to be done. #3 was taking a break to dig into his stocking for some treats(we got fruit and chocolate as it's all about balance, no?) Like #1's head band? His sister got it for him along with matching wrist bands which he wore ALL day. Who woulda thought that would be a hit? My kids spoiled me, due to such a wonderful Awana store where they spent their hard earned awana bucks on gifts for their family. I received 2 sets of earrings, a necklace, notepads, a pen, a beautiful slice of rock that I have setting in my window sill now and probably something I'm forgetting. They were very thoughtful in the gifts they picked out for each other too. Always nice to see that they are thinking good thoughts toward each other.

Of course the best gift is always the unexpected. Like say the box things come in!
and just because I like this silly expression.

#4 would open a gift and say with such sweetness "It's what I always wanted" That is until I tried to capture this on film. But while I can't share with you his sweet 4 year old voice sounding so thankful and sweet I did get one of his brother that's almost as good.

Don't you love the happiness in his voice and the smile over pencils?