Monday, May 11, 2015

May-We Found the Sun Again!!

My stair step boys singing at Church 

Our Easter group picture

My sisters and I are no better in our group pictures :)

Mother's day picture of the kids

We discovered that although we are increasing the number of pushups we can do; we need to start working on our pull up routine.  Not one of us can do one!  How do you like the usage of duct tape here?!

Tomahawk throwing- watched the older 4 hit target(only 2 in pictures).  They were working on hitting target at further distances.  They really like this part of the class.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

In January

I said yes to the girl who wanted blue hair.  She wasn't real happy with the color(wanted a deep blue) but I think it looks like the sea here:)

Got to hang out with my mom(and middle sis) on her birthday.
Had fun at WinterJam

My oldest niece had fun too. 

These kids decided to try their hand at whittling.  Made whistles and arrow heads.

and got to snuggle with these  goofy guys too!