Saturday, September 15, 2012

50 Days of Prayer

A friend of mine contacted me last week and asked if I would like to join her in praying for our nation before the upcoming elections in November.  I'd like to ask you to consider this as well.  We should always be praying for our country.
1 Timothy 2:1-2  I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.
Praying isn't political, it's what we are called to do, whether you like who is representing our country or you don't(and if you don't agree with someone, maybe you should be praying for them more, that they gain wisdom from above and have a heart that the Lord can touch).
My friend and I both have some material from a bible study we were part of in Hawaii(PWOC) in which we did a 50 days of prayer around Easter time.  These prayers were taken from Pray for our Nation(Tulsa: Harrison House Publishers, copyright 1999)This was back in 2006 and I have pulled these papers out different times over the years as I've felt called to.  Sometimes we know we should prayer but we can't think about the specifics, so it's nice to have a subject in front of us to focus on.  If you are on facebook with me I intend to post idea of things to pray about each day. You can also find some information through Pray for our nation-if you connect through fb they have some prayers almost daily and also sale an ebook. * disclaimer: I have not read this book, so can't say anything about content.   National Day of Prayer has some resources to share as well.  I also have an ebook I printed out which I've been unable to find online so I'm not sure if it is still available.  Practical Praying for Days of Conflict, it was written by Lorrie Pies who was a military spouse.  She passed away in 2008.  It's summary is: 30 ways to pray for military families and those who have loved ones in the Armed Services serving in difficult situations and deployments.
Most of the things I have found online cost money to buy and if this is something you can't do at this time I want you to remember this:  Prayer comes from your heart and doesn't need fancy wording or books or guides.  God knows your heart, you just need to take the time to talk to him and say what is on your mind.  If you feel called to pray please listen to that calling, deepen your relationship with the Lord as you take the time to communicate with your Heavenly Father.  Step out in faith and for our nation and if you need to talk to someone and to be accountable to each other about praying you can or better yet pray together.  Matthew 18:20 For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

We will be starting our 50 Days of Prayer Monday, September 17.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cowboy Joe

Not sure who Joe is but here is #3 dressed up as a cowboy.  This was the first time #3 has worn this shirt.  It's been in his closet a year.  As soon as we got home he started taking the shirt off(notice it's not all the way buttoned).  Apparently my #3 doesn't think much about dressing like a cowboy;-)

 #2 showing off one of her scratch/bruises.  She and her bike took a tumble yesterday.  Gravel road, hill and distraction proved both her and her bike could fly(but not in a cool way).  She got her palm and elbow the worst but for good measure head, cheek, ribs, back, hip and leg as well.  Praise the Lord it only seems to be road rash and bruising but she is a sore one today.

 Art show: 'Tornado' by #4

'Eating in the dark' by #5

#1 was helping me in the kitchen today.  This doesn't happen often, although he often asks to help me he is usually busy when it's time to cook.  Potato Soup is on the menu so he's peeling potatoes and I'm chopping them up.  He says to me, "I'm glad Potato soup isn't on the menu."  I give him a puzzled look and he says, "On our restaurant menu.  It would take alot of time to cut up all those potatoes."
#1 has made a floor plan and menu for a restaurant.  He has enlisted his brother(#3) and sister to help run it.  He's priced it affordable so everyone could come.  I've been trying to explain how some of his prices aren't reasonable-once upon a time I did go to college for restaurant and hotel management so I may have an inkling on what I am talking about ;-)  but he's not hearing it-he wants everyone to be able to come.  He's got a big heart, I love that!