Monday, August 5, 2013

Down on the Farm

Last week we attended Freezer Camp.  We being, me and the older 3.  Where being the Grandparents house.  What is Freezer Camp?  It's when you take the Roosters shown above and you make them freezer ready.

A great helper. 
 16 birds are now in freezers to make bellies full at a later date.  I think our initial jump into this type of thing went rather well.  We all think we can do it again and had some fun humorous moments throughout. 
After freezer camp we were able to pick peaches.  We started out on the ground.  Then grandpa helped the girl reach some higher ones.  Then a couple chairs helped do the trick but the choice peaches seemed out of reach....
go big or go home

Lots of yummy goodness!

My July Firecrackers

13!  We celebrated with some zip lining adventures(which are stuck on my camera until I can download the pictures), time to talk about growing up and fun eats.  He loved the zip line, hugged and thanked my throughout the adventure :D woot woot  it was a win-win because I love zip lining too!

My little guy is 4!  He still loves Thomas the Train, and received his own Tball set-now he can play the big kids!  His food pick of the day was Taco's.  Such an easy person to please:)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Fun in Missouri 2

We tried another hike, Pickle Springs if you are interested.  A fun 2 mile walk.
We found arches.
We found frogs.
We found lots of different yellow flowers along the trail.
#4 lost his 2 front teeth this summer.

Summer fun around Missouri

Elephant Rock is a place I remember loving as a child.  As an adult its more of a love hate.  Fun climbing, beautiful views but with children of my own, my nerves are on edge the whole time!  Some tame views of our adventure:)

We made it out with no injuries and only one minor hitch=  #4 got stuck between some rocks for a few minutes :)
Another place we visited was a Tiger Sanctuary.  Gorgeous Cats!
And Beautiful Views!