Thursday, August 9, 2007

this and that

It's another hot day over here. It would make a wonderful beach day if those pesky jelly fish would go out to sea. I7 had an encounter with them this summer that he still hasn't forgotten. Heck I haven't forgotten the sting from a few years ago. Go swim away little jellies.

Our first week of school has been going great. We learned about the pledge of allegiance and have started talking about the Vikings today. I7 likes the book Viking Adventures by Clyde Robert Bulla. Story is interesting and it is a good fit for his reading level. I5 likes the book I pledge allegiance by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson. It explains what all the words in the pledge mean, she likes to read the pledge and has me read all the meanings. We had a science experiment today which is always fun-we tried to see if we could float some eggs and we did!

J3 is grumpy, I think lack of sleep so we are trying to get him back on schedule and little one well we are just trying to get him on a day I will sleep again right??

I finished making a bag I started too long ago to remember:) I5 likes it and wants one, told her I'd think about it. She collects bags! But what a great Christmas idea. We are planning on making aprons. Why is it that reading instructions from these patterns is like reading a forgein language? Wish us luck in our endeavor!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sunday night and all is well

Tomorrow is our first day of school for this year. I'm excited we are using MFW Adventures
I have a 5 and 7 year old that will be using this with adjustments as needed. We will be using MathUSee again this year. We started using it about midyear last year and it worked out rather well.

L1 just got a new bed. I think it's the first time I've used freecycle to get something but I've used it many times to give things away. I'm hoping this helps with getting him to sleep at night. Although it's almost 10pm now and he's still not down for the night, keeps sleeping in small spurts. Daddy's down with him now and I'm up here thinking sleeping thoughts for the little guy.

We were driving in the car today to get the bed and the kids were asking where we were going. Since we weren't saying they decided to try to guess. Our oldest said Disneyland, our daughter corrected him and said "No we aren't going their, the airport is the other direction." Just cracked my husband and I up. So funny how sometimes they don't know what town they live in and other times they know where places are located. We are a long way from Disney! We are planning a trip in a few months though, kids hear us talk about Disney but we haven't confirmed with them that they are going for sure;)