Friday, September 10, 2010

sick humor

or humor that only parents that have btdt can understand. You all know how kids will come to your room in the middle of the night and ask if they can go potty...even though the bathroom is right next to their door. Well for the first time last night I had a kid come to my room to tell me he had to barf. Sweet thing walked all the way around my room to my side of the bed and preceded to tell me by emptying the contents of his stomach. Of course he did manage to partially hit a barf bucket that one of the kids had brought to me a few days ago when I wasn't feeling well(they also made me the sweetest get well cards all on their own!) So maybe his thoughts were only on 'must get to the bucket'. Regardless of the fact that a toilet was much closer to his room. Ah, yes the joys of motherhood....really you can only laugh...

Making your own cold cereal

Thought of making your own cold cereal? here is part one and part two from the healthy home economist. Very interesting!

We've been playing pass around the sickness here-not as much fun as it sounds! Hoping the sick days will stay behind us for awhile:)

Learning how to use the pu'ili in my hula class. This will truly test my coordination abilities!! We are dancing with the pu'ili to this song.