Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camera charger, camera charger where art thou?

We reorganized our computer area and we now have a missing camera charger. Of course the camera is on it's last little bit of life so I really need to figure out where it got misplaced!

It was this one's birthday yesterday(June 6th, I actually started this post a few days ago).

He's the Big Number 4!!!

These are some cards the older two made for him. Aren't they neat pop up cards? I really like having all the Usborne craft books around. The kids are constantly getting great ideas from them!

We took a cake to bible study and sang to him. He had been a little more cuddly than usual before we brought the cake out-not sure why. But he did try to blow the candles out but they insisted on staying lit! This upset him quite a bit(I believe the picture of him and cake is after his attempt at the candles) so his sis blew the candles out for him. After he got his piece of cake to eat he was as happy as a plum!
He got a little black and decker tool set like daddies. It's really quite cute. Daddies stuff has the rechargeable battery that you slide on each piece, #3's has this piece too(although his isn't actually rechargeable-it does need a battery)
Today we picked up a scooter and helmet for him. He hasn't quite figured it out, I think he walked it more then rode it.
He's a very happy and healthy young boy-we are so blessed to have him in our lives!!

If you are interested in our cake recipe we used this for the chocolate cake. This was the icing-I used some odds and ends of colors I had left over from other events. It was really yummy!
#3 was helping me roll out the pie crust for our chicken pot pie this week. Now he's use to rolling out the pizza dough which is a little tougher for him to roll out. With the pie crust I had to keep telling him to go easy-then I finally realized he was use to the different consistency and was having fun with how pliable it was.
At the park today.

I blame this headless shot on the fact that they kept walking, while I was trying to zoom in a little on the fact that #4 was holding out a flower for me.