Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back in time

 We had a visit to Jefferson Barracks last week and the kids saw their first reenactment.  

 A favorite part might have been the "easter egg" hunt.....

 to find the empty shells after the battle was finished.

Although some of the older kids did enjoy going to the camps and asking questions and check out some of the equipment.

ps yes I need a new cover/case for my phone. we keep forgetting we can't take pictures with the old covering on the new phone ;-)

Play Ball

 #1 at third(with sis as short stop)

I missed the first games today but all the grandparents are really good about sending me pictures of the kids when I'm not with them.  These were sent to me from my Dad while I was busy at school.

My leftie at bat.

 #3 trying to stay awake? :D

#4 focused

Everyone had a good time and they were excited to tell me that all their teams won!