Thursday, October 15, 2009

We made these paint bags today(fyi I don't recommend Glad storage bags for this project-not quite strong enough)
#3 enjoyed writing this way!

#4 enjoyed 'writing' too!

We kicked #1 outside to work on his math. As you can see he's rather happy about it!

#2 concentrating hard on her english

I woke him up, oops!

#5 on his first float at the pool. Despite the face he really enjoyed it!

Gems of the day

#2 said "today is the day between happiness" meaning we did something fun yesterday(pumpkins) and tomorrow she's looking forward to swim lessons:)

We were at our pool today and one of our neighbors came to swim. This is someone we hadn't met before and I'm guessing hasn't met many(any?) homeschoolers. She had this comment after joining us at the pool for awhile. 'Your kids are very talkative for being home schooled.' I must have smirked or laughed or something, I can't say anything when someone makes such a silly comment as that.....Actually I'm sure I did say that yes my children aren't shy, they will talk to anyone. A bit later she says "I guess that is a misconception about homeschoolers." I did agree with her there:)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pumpkins, oh my!

If you you are a friend on facebook then you'll get to see a few pictures of the kids at the pumpkin patch(we were with a group and everyone had name tags) But if not this picture above is the end result. Pumpkin anyone?

Last night I had that strange sensation you get when you think you've forgotten someone. I was out by myself and had noone with me but felt I should look in the back just in case someone(child) was there. I've had that happen too when they are all in the car but someones being extra quiet. Roll call please, must make sure everyone is accounted for. So far I haven't left anyone behind but it's best to be cautious(no I'm not paranoid!)

I found much irony in a recent science experiment. We've been studying Ancient Egypt. The topic of mummies and how they were preserved was brought up. So we were using bread to see how fast mold would grow(you following?) We had one piece of toast, one piece of bread with antiseptic and one regular piece of bread all in there own bags. FYI in this weather bread grows mold fast, we usually keep it in the fridge so it will last. It took FOREVER for that silly old piece of bread to grow mold, if fact we accidentally grew mold in our regular bread that didn't get put in the fridge over the weekend before that one piece grew mold!