Saturday, December 10, 2011


 I thought I could get a nice shot with my two oldest before choir.  But this picture is the before mom's ready shot(and notice the arms folded-yeah, she doesn't like getting her picture taken anymore).
 And this would be the silly shot.  Somehow the nice picture didn't make it to the camera, what's up with that?!

At least the cousins took a pretty nice picture(#4 is great at the fake smile!).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home school ways

 I had two tents set up in my house today.  Although I really don't like the clutter; they loved having school under the tents.
 My favorite part was listening to the two little ones "reading" to each other.  Although neither one can truly read, they  had picked out their favorite books-you know the ones I have read about a billion times and they have memorized by heart.  Love it! 


I'm not the only one that loves snowmen.  He was taking care of his babies

Sunday, December 4, 2011

#4 in the spot light

This picture was taken by a child when my camera was 'borrowed'.  I am always clued in on the fact that the camera was used when there are pictures of the wall or someones hand or a ton of close ups.  So glad we are in the digital age now and can easily delete!

On our way to church this morning #4 saw someone pulled over by the police and was excited that the police "scooted them over".

My sister took the kids to choir practice Saturday and said #4 refused to go on stage.  Today the older 2 had practice for 2 hours(in which me and the others had to busy ourselves on campus) and the Preschool choir had a little performance after that.  He stayed on stage!  He was quite the character!  Very interested in seeing himself on the big screen and head bonked the girl next to him.  I asked him later about the head butting.  He said, she was my friend and wanted me to.  I laughed about the was my friend part.  I'll see if they archive that video later, I know they do a live feed.