Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer pickings- Blueberries

Sister spent the weekend with her Aunt so it was just the boys at home.  What to do? Check out a local Blueberry farm.

 #3 & 4 hard at work.

#5 showing me his bucket, this is at the very beginning.
#1 and #3 were in a race to see who could fill their bucket first.  They didn't get to find out because the younger two didn't last that long but we did get to weigh each bucket at the end and #3 had the heaviest bucket!
Part of our haul, in all about 11 punds of blueberries.  I put lots in the freezer but have also made muffins, jelly and dessert with them.  *love*
They said blackberries will be ready soon, so may be going back for more harvesting! :)