Friday, August 15, 2008

This week in pictures

The plumber was here all week, most of it anyway I think it took him about 18hours to install the tub. But the tub is in and is a huge monster. We picked out a big soaking tub-which is great when you want a soak. I found out this morning that when you are half awake you don't remember that the side is a little higher and you need to pick your feet up a little more to climb in LOL! Whack!

I received a free sample of Teeccino in the mail this week. I've been wanting to try it so last night I finally pulled the coffee pot out and started brewing. I found out that the new carafe we picked up does not work with our coffee maker. Big mess, but we were able to salvage exactly a cup of my drink and James thinks he can fix the coffee maker. The drink was lovely! I do want to try some more. You can pick up a sample from the website and try it yourself. I chose the Vanilla Nut flavor, as soon as I opened the package I knew I was going to like it, the smell was heavenly. Here are the ingredients: Roasted carob, barley, chicory root, dates, almonds, figs, natural vanilla extract and other flavors. To borrow a term, Yum-O!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

update on computer woes

James found out that the problem with the laptop is a 'known problem' with the HP that we have and it is still under warranty so all shipping and fixing will be covered for us. Hurray!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Laptop woes

I must not be having computer luck this year. First my tower decided to go on the fritz. Now my laptop doesn't want to be online. It only gives the dial up option(which isn't an option since we have no land line) and refuses to go wireless. James has labored over it and fixed it a couple times but after I turn it off and back on the next day it does the same thing.

Yesterday was our first day of school for the year. I have pictures but I have to remember how to upload them on James computer so you will be without today. Everyone was so excited, as they came up stairs they said in their happy voices 'we get to do school today'. The day went well, although #3 aka dark circles under his eyes was a little weepy during our 'PE' time. His afternoon nap helped alter his mood:)

For those that have asked, it looks like we'll be heading back to Connecticut. So far the kids are really excited about the move. Shari, when you think about it maybe you could email the subwives link. I'm sure I could think of many questions to ask, such as how much has in changed in 5 years? I lost the link when my computer crashed.

LOL the older boys just woke and came upstairs and #3 says. 'Mom, #1 says today is the second day of school' I say yes. He says 'Yippee!!!!!'
Smiles and happiness in the morning. How blessed I am:)