Thursday, September 25, 2008

My little helper boy. I was opening the oven to clean one night and this little guy grabbed a napkin and started going right to work for me. I thought it was the funniest and sweetest thing! So glad I have such joyful helpers! (although must note it isn't always so-we are all working on that)

We had another birthday this week. Our girl is 7!! She was very disappointed to find out we were still going to do school on her day. She complained "Why can't I have a summer birthday too!" (Note: all the boys are in June/July) Well the thing is we had a fun day dispite having to do some 'school'. Had great morning at the beach-now when we can't go to the beach in September I think we'll have to move her birthday to the summer;)

Ever since we had our pictures taken she strikes a pose, silly thing:)

Can I say that I love fall? Yes, I am talking fall Hawaii style but it is a nice cool evening. Perfect for the pot of potato soup I have simmering on the stove, which will go lovely with the freshly baked bread that we worked on this morning. Yum, the smells of fall. So what if I'm cool because it got a little cloudy and I'm sitting here under the fan in shorts. I'm going to enjoy this fall where we can eat out on the lanai. Who knows what the next fall will bring.

Speaking of food, I am oddly excited to share that our little guy, #4, will now eat salad. I've always give him a piece or two but he is finally at the point where he will eat a real serving of salad! Hip Hip Hooray!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Yesterday was my husband's birthday......
Wow, I have so much to say that I can't, LOL!
So I'll just leave it at this, I'm so thankful that the Lord placed you in my life!!

I love you!