Monday, November 5, 2012

Raising Boys

 The boys found a tire in the valley behind our house and I have learned what a awesome toy/tool this is for them.

 #5 checking the tire to see if it's ok after he 'fixed' it.

 Taking away the 'old' tire.  They had much fun rolling it down the driveway too.  Then the neighbor boys brought duct tape over and they thought of all sorts of interesting things to do with that.  Imagination at it's best!

 Something happened to our pumpkin(it involved a certain spider-like son rolling it down the hill) and it developed a hole.  I decided to go ahead a let the boys smash it and have fun with it.  Really? They were thrilled.

Just today I was listening to a podcast from Focus on the Family(an app on my phone, can also catch on BOT radio and maybe online).  I was listening to one on raising tween boys, I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but it's talking about the importance of kinda letting boys be boys.  Let them explore and do things that you(as a mom) don't necessarily want them to do. But how important it is for them to learn this way.  Got a little of the scientific of the hows and whys this works.  I thought it was very interesting a good reminder that even though I'd prefer not to have old tires laying around and chunks of pumpkin in my yard(or climb that tallest tree).  I am blessed to have boys and I want them to learn and grow into awesome men.  I pray they take the time now to learn and explore and test boundaries so when they are older they will have that back ground  knowledge to go from and be able to make good decisions.