Monday, January 17, 2011

Some friends we played with this week

Lunch after a busy morning. Only picture of #1 this day. He doesn't stay in camera range very much.

This kid! He looks very sweet-and he is! But he's also one that keeps you very, very busy:)
and doesn't that face just say heart breaker? I know he has many wrapped around his finger!

#5 likes to randomly lay down in the middle of the floor to rest when he's had enough. That's what he was doing prior to this picture and Uncle B was rubbing his back. It was really sweet, gotta get quicker on the camera!

#3 Sledding in Hawaii's Discovery Center with Auntie/Miss/Gram E(the lady of many names!) looking on. They had coats, hats, gloves and scarves to wear while sledding. My daughter had to put on the full gear to participate!

Fire Fighter play

What does the future hold for #4?

Love #5 sharing his thumb with Miss A
Brothers.......minus one. Hey, it's hard to get everyone together!

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