Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What came first? The chicken or the Grandpa?

Not sure if it's the slowness of the Internet connection or the slowness of the laptop or the combination of the two; but I haven't been able to post any pictures on the blog. Since I'm not the world's greatest writer I hate to post without a cute picture or two to distract from the poor writing!! For pictures you'll just have to be a facebook friend for now and suffer through iphone pics.
Of course I thought the following story was too cute not to share.

There is a lot of work to be done at the Grandparent's home and the kids have been helping here and there.(and of course we all understand that when kids help it usually makes your job at least twice as long!) The biggest project around these parts has been building the chicken coop. Yesterday #4 came inside and had lunch, the rest had been inside working on school work. As soon as he was done he told the kids "I better go let Grandpa out" We all looked at each other wondering what he meant. #4 said, "I locked Grandpa in the chicken coop!" He had such a devilish grin on his face as he said this! Grandpa came in before #4 went out saying yes it was true, luckily for the little squirt Grandpa hadn't finished all sides of the fencing so he was able to get out! Of course the kids have enjoyed being 'locked' in the chicken house, so it's no wonder where #4 got the idea!
I'm thinking I am going to have to make sure Grandpa is safe after all the kids come in from now on....
P.S. Grandpa wasn't actually locked in the building but the outside run which he was fencing at the time of this incidence.

Was talking about rescue remedy with someone and remembered one of the kids was on Larch(another Bach flower) for awhile. So I was looking it up to see what it was. Just thought I'd share the link