Monday, September 15, 2008

Stacey's funeral was today. The children are all in different stages of grief. The good thing is it sounds that they will be supported by much love in their community. I did not attend the funeral as it is many states away but have had tales related to me as to how everything went. The story of little Saylor brought me to tears. A little background, Saylor is 5 years old, the youngest of the crew. Stacey was expecting Saylor(and a twin that was lost) when she found out she had brain cancer. The doctors told her she needed to abort the pregnancy but that was not a choice for Stacey. When Stacey was 7 months pregnant she under went brain surgery while awake. She did well afterwards and was so happy when Saylor was born. It just breaks my heart that these children are without there mother. Saylor was seen stroking her mothers hair, upset that she wouldn't open her eyes....that image has been running through my head today. I know the Lord has a great plan in this, I have not lost site of that.
Again I ask that you keep Stacey's children on your hearts and in your prayers. Logan, Kelsey, Avery, Bailey and Saylor. There is to be a trust set up for them that they can have access to when they reach 18, I'll post more info on that when I get more details.

I have spoken with #2's doctor and have good news to share. After seeing the images from last week and consulting other doctors she says there is no strange mass anymore!! Thank you for your prayers for #2!