Friday, February 8, 2008


We had one roll through our area this afternoon. Ironically, we had cleaned up the courtyard earlier this morning and moved our shoe rack back outside. #1 said but Mom, it's going to flood when it rains and our shoes are going to get wet. Me in my wisdom of many years say "No worries, sky is clear and there shouldn't be any big rains now". Haha I thought as I quickly gathered the shoe rack a few hours later. #3 was very scared of the loud thunder. #4 would look around every time the thunder did it's thing like he was looking for what was making that noise. #2 had a brave front but gathered her doll and a pillow to hold while it was going on. Poor #3 had his hands over his ears the whole time as we talked about thunder, I explained how it sounded like storm was right on top of us and it would gradually get more quiet until it had passed completely. So he gets excited because it is getting more quiet....seems like it is gone so he gets up to get a book to look at, is almost on my lap again and another big clap of thunder goes! He jumps up on my laps and says "Oh, no! Not again!" Sweet little man holds his ears for a few more minutes until he is reassured that it has indeed gone. We don't get many of these storms around here.
#4 knows what drawer I keep the kitchen towels. He often 'helps' clean up spills by getting a towel from the drawer and wiping up the mess and then putting the towel back in the drawer! Yesterday I couldn't figure out where my dish rag had went, I was sure I had laid it over the counter to dry. Stumped I went to the drawer to get a new rag and, ick I found the rag I was looking for-yum still wet.
I also keep bibs in this drawer. The last two days the little guy had gone to the drawer to get a bib when he sees that it's almost time to eat. This has been cracking me up as I've never really been a bib kinda person. They're nice once in awhile but for the most part my kids have gotten food on every part of them that the big didn't cover. So now I have a nazi bib wearing boy.
On the homeschooling front we started reading The Story of Eli Whitney by Jean Lee Latham today. It seems like a very fun read for a historical type of book.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's been one of those strange weeks in which the kids are sick and yet not really sick. You know sick enough so that I don't want to expose them to others yet are perfectly normal in behavior except for the occasional 'sickness'.
They've had fun in science this week. We did experiments with fruit Tuesday, looking at the cells in fruit and seeing how much juice different fruits would give. I think everyone told me how fun it was and how much they liked it. Hmmm, could it be because they got to eat the experiments too?
I'm currently reading two books. One is about the mercury in vaccinations. It's very interesting, I've had it for a couple years but just now started diving into it. The other is a recommendation from a friend that I'm borrowing from the library. I was surprised to get it so soon because I was number 40 in line for it. It's called something like "The diet for the planet" about world hunger and why it exists. I'll have to post the actual names of the books and thoughts on them when I'm done.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you LOST?

I was gone this weekend at a lovely retreat on the North Shore. We stayed at "the other's camp" I actually stayed in creepy Ben's cabin.
It was a great weekend filled with God's word and fellowship with my sisters in Christ. We had a great speaker explain inductive bible study, which wow, kinda blows my mind with all that goes into it! Seems like that could be a career of it's own right there. But I am reminded that there is a time for everything, maybe getting into this deep study isn't right for me now but I hope to be able to use the skills I learned to dig further into scripture and gleamed many things that I can use now.

Remember the kids playing in LOST?

Or this Gazebo? (which btw who plops a gazebo in the middle of a walkway?)

We saw lots of different wildlife. This guy is just so cute, I love the white spot on his nose!

It was a very rainy weekend but the Lord blessed us and stopped the rain around lunchtime on Saturday and held if off until that night which allowed us to do all our outdoor activities. I chose a hike, rock wall climb and archery. We ended the evening around the campfire on the beach singing praise, eating s'mores and star gazing. The stars were so bright! God is good!

Here is another LOST fact for you. the building on the right was used in the scene in which Kate was tied to the pool table.

Some more of God's beauty. You look one direction and you have the blue ocean and the other direction the green mountains. So peaceful

Lost? You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

James and the kids did well this weekend 'on their own'. James actually worked today so some lovely friends of ours watched the kids for us until I got home. So IF nothing else happened this weekend, my husband has told me how much he appreciates me because he got a taste of what daily life is around here and realized how hard it is to get things done with everyone going in different directions....which is worth going away for a weekend in itself!