Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today I've learned

-That when you wait the Saturday before an election to get something notarized you will have a long wait.
-It took 31 books weighing 21 1/2 lbs to crush an egg(I'll post a picture later). The children also learned that if you use equal pressure you can not crack an egg by squeezing it.
-If you put the mixing bowl slightly crooked in the mixer then it will take 2 people to pull it out.
-A double batch of oatmeal cookies in the mixer above is too much batter to easily stir.

edited to add:

Here they are at the beginning of the experiment. I didn't get a picture of the really tall stack of books as I was starting breakfast. Bet you can't guess what breakfast was!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Some things make me glad my children are at home and not public schooled. Things like this. The things kids are hit with as soon as the enter the school system. Here is an interview with a family and Dr. James Dobson dealing with the topic ofsame sex marriage and the school.

If you want to see a Free movie (only free for the next few days) Here is a neat little film to watch.

There stops my 'political' post of the day.......

We just got the children down for bed, all is quiet and calm! I have some more Pear sauce going in the crock pot(they were on sale for 53 cents/pound this week!) and I'm signing off to work on some odds and ends.