Friday, May 30, 2008

Our days.....

The little one and I went to get the mail and when we came back we found #2 & #3 gathering some flowers. They were having such fun picking which ones they liked. They'd drive their cars along the sidewalk and stop at different places to pick a few.

We went to the beach today! It's been awhile since we have gone, it was good to be there again! #1 and #2 spent most of their water time getting water in their noodles and blowing it on each other. #3 swam around in his tube and collected shells. #4 spent alot of time playing in the sand, then finally wanted to play in the water. It was chilly! He is loving the water, we've been using the water wings in the pool and he will float around and have a grand ole time. Then he's tired and will lay his head on your shoulder until everyone is ready to go.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

kitchen helpers

Today was #2's day to help me cook. To try to help with the fighting over who helps in the kitchen we have a 3 day rotation marked on the calendar. If that person is not interested in helping then I will let someone else help. We recently came up with the system because I needed help with the chaos that happened if everyone was in the kitchen at once. It seems to work pretty well, although #3 is really bummed if it's his day to help and we aren't doing a lot of cooking.
We had Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. #2 is quite handy with the carrot peeler and I found out tonight that she is great at picking the meat off the chicken. She was working on that while I was getting the dumplings ready, when I went to double check that she had gotten all the chicken off the bones I was very happy to see she did! Great job sis! C&D were yummy and some were sent to the freezer for a fast meal when needed. Not sure how well dumplings freeze but nothing like trail and error to learn.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We did our grocery shopping today and I had a coupon savings of 12%. Better than it has been in the past so I'm fairly happy with it. My 'coolest' savings was in milk-which I wasn't planning on buying at the store but it happened to be on sale for 2.64. Which for organic milk is HUGE, it's usually double that cost for a half gallon. AND they had coupons for buy 2 half gallons and get $1 off so I'm stocked up on milk for the next 5-6 weeks. I think I might be able to increase my saving even more because this milk was the whole milk and I usually buy the 2% so I might try to dilute it with some water and see how we like it. My second favorite savings of the day was an item that was marked at 1.79 and I had a coupon for $2 off-pretty good deal!

James came home for a few hours this afternoon so we hit the pool, had a late lunch, naps and are getting ready to go to the library.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!