Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trying to catch up with some fun stuff this week

The last 2 weeks have been spring break here. Generally we don't go out much so we can avoid the crowds but since we haven't been able to get out to do some fun stuff lately we ventured out.
You'll see pictures of #1 and #3 playing knights, the mound they were on was their castle. #2 said when they fight she pretends she's a ballerina and dances.
We made a trip to the beach, not the usually one we frequent as it was already full when we tried to arrive. A good time was had although the sand wasn't quite as soft as we are use to.
A fun trip to the zoo is also included. Happy weekend to all:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check up day for #2

We heard what I expected to hear. She's going to be on antibiotics another 2 weeks then we go back for another ultrasound. If the mass is still there then they are recommending surgery to remove it. IF it goes down considerably in size then we will probably just watch and wait. None of the doctors know what the mass is, they don't think it is cancer and named 3 different things it could be but these are all guesses and we won't actually know until surgery is done. Dr. E wants to wait 6-8 weeks after the first surgery to do another, but she's also hesitant to wait too long so an infection doesn't happen again. So that's were things stand right now. We ask that you continue to pray for her health.
BTW #2 is feeling great these days, eating well and playing hard! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

I've got pictures!

Nothing like my husband's presence to make my computer act normal. I did the same thing that I did yesterday but like usual just because he was watching, it worked as it should. If only I could box that magic up and sell it!

#2 with all her goodies friends and family blessed her with.

#2 waiting for all the paperwork to be done so she can go home!

#2 and her granny

2 of the boys saying take our picture too:)

Our crew on Easter day. This is real, no shoes, no tucked shirts and a touch of style;)

Our try at a family photo.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

One doesn't visit in awhile and they change everything

on you. Blogger changed the way to sign in on me!

Anyway sorry again for my absence. I've been trying to catch up...although the truth is since my mom was able to come up and help out there wasn't so much to catch up with house wise(Thanks again mom!!) It was more of an attitude change and a regrouping. Still a work in progress both for me and the children. When the "norm" doesn't happen for awhile they seem to take awhile to 'wrangle' in again.
Adding into the factor of things is we have been planning to put the house on the market in the next couple of months and now we may not be doing so. In fact there is a possibility we may be here another 1-3 years. So all the things I was thinking in that regard are all changed up.......the best of plans..... Ah, just reminds me of who is in control of things and no I don't mean the Navy I mean someone quite higher. Only the Lord knows what his plans for us our.

So here is a quick catch up in pictures. Or not. I don't seem able to post pictures tonight so hopefully tomorrow when I am more awake I can figure out why and get it working.