Thursday, May 28, 2009

morning silly

Sitting by the window on a rainy morning, waiting for breakfast to finish cooking.

#4: I smell something.

me: Do you smell the rain?

4: No, I smell Octopus

me: What does an Octopus smell like?

4: food

fyi, I was cooking oatmeal not any sea creatures;)

Beach Days

The water finally felt good to me! It's been a little chilly for my taste lately. Guess now that the heat is on, I enjoy cooling off more!

someone is avoiding the camera

just having some fun

he was happy to bury himself in the sand

Everyone now has a hat that fits so hopefully you will see more pictures of kids in hats. It's so bright out here I try to get the kids to protect their eyes and face when not in the water. They do pretty good for the most part....although the oldest managed to lose his somewhere. It's been lost long enough I gave up hope of it finding its way home;) Miss grows-a-lot now has a hat that fits her head and we are searching for a new swimsuit for her. Girls are so much harder to dress then boys! Trying to find something fairly modest and somewhat stylish(especially when mom is not handy with the needle) is sometimes a challenge!

We are dancing to a chant this Sunday; I think it was requested from one of the Chaplains that will be leaving soon. It's a little different than usual. We move a bit faster and have to speak(Hawaiian) a few times during the dance. It is actually a bit fun now(shh don't say I said that) and is quite the aerobic workout! You know when you've had a good dance-your legs and arms hurt;)

#2 just took a couple shots of the 'walk' in during practice. Oh, here's a 'fun fact' for you. Women whom are expecting are not suppose to wear leis, which is why mine is not tied.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thai Tacos

Just thought I'd share a recipe since I haven't been around in awhile. We tried this tonight.

I think I found it through Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

It received a thumbs up from me. Kids ate about half the taco and then declared it too hot. I think they needed a few cups of water to eat it all. So next time I think I'll put in a little less pepper flakes in for them and a little more coleslaw mix for me. As it is I have enough leftovers for this week and the freezer since I don't think they'll be up to trying it again so soon. I think some cool watermelon would be a good compliment to the tacos!

A few pictures from Saturday. Went to the park to play, had the kids walk around the path with me once. Not sure it was much exercise for me as we had to stop every few feet to pick up different kinds of seeds but at least it was some movement. It was a hot day, summer is definitely here! But we did find there was some breeze at the park so if you didn't mind breathing in dirt it was kinda ok, lol! It's very yellow and dry around these parts.

Baby is 30 weeks along.