Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

It was a rough weekend in our home. But let us start with some of the happy highlights.

This video may make you dizzy as it was filmed by my daughter. I danced at two services before our own church service. Here we are at the sunrise service at a harbor. Moms, young ladies and a keiki make up our group here.

Here is an English version of the song if you aren't familiar with it.

Here's a quick snap of the kids. Digging into some eggs. Like the lovely spring flowers that were brought to me last week?

On our Praise God list is the fact that #3 safely made it home with help on Saturday after he wandered off.

On the other hand-
#1 has a broken tooth thanks to an impatient sibling who pushed him out of the way into a door. We've been at dental offices today as many people have looked at it. At this point he will be a plastic 'fix'. After he has braces in the future they will do a more permanent fix. Poor kid has such a sad looking mouth.

Ack, those are just some 'highlights' of the weekend. Thank goodness we can lean on our Lord and Savior when things are trying to get us down.


Dina said...

Oh sorry to hear about your child's tooth!! Is it one of the adult tooth? My friends' daughter just had the same accident at school and she also had to have it fixed!!

Naomi Rebecca said...

Lovely dancing! So sorry, though, to hear about tooth troubles! Ack! I'd hate having to deal with that, too.