Monday, April 20, 2009

Some pictures for your review. First is #4 going to work. He cracks us up so much lately. His usual attire is the bike helmet and cowboy boots. Then he tells us he's daddy and he's going to work. In case anyone is unsure, this is nothing like daddy really wears to work! Although he does wear a hat and work boots;) In this picture he grabbed a pair of house shoes and daddy's real lunch bag to complete his outfit.
Cat picture also had me laughing hard. She just curled right up to the candy dish to nap. James tried to put a piece of candy on her to make it look like she had been eating and she was highly offended that he had done so. Jumped right up and shook that off and then rearranged herself many times before everything was ok.

We spent a good part of today at the beach today. Kids running around at the shore break. I got in the water for the first time this year too, it felt good! Can't say I feel too good now. Although I spent most of the time in the shade under the umbrella I am sun burnt(and yuck, second time this week for my arms). Kids got it a little under the eyes except for #2 whose face resembles a tomato. I blame not reapplying, new sun screen, our first long time in the sun this year and the fact that two of the kids forgot their hats.

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