Wednesday, April 8, 2009


cake that is!!

Two with a new hair cut. The oldest had the 'bright' idea that he could cut some of his hair and then mail it to someone he hasn't seen in awhile. I guess the person likes to ruffle his hair so he thought this would be a good solution? Hmm, when does the age of no supervision required come?? I mean he was suppose to be writing a letter, not craft time or beauty school;)

My birthday was this past Saturday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!
Here is a 'traditional' picture of me with my eyes shut!

We went out for lunch and then to the zoo. I had a pineapple upside down cheesecake-yummy! #4 thought the little birthday sundae they brought me was just his size so he claimed that(and some on mine and James' cake too-that boy eats!) I enjoyed the 'little' tiger cubs at the zoo. We got to see them up close as a zookeeper talk was going on. Although we couldn't hear the keeper I enjoyed the tigers a little closer. #1 found out that if he rattled on the bushes the cubs would come to the fence to 'play'.


Janet said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun day. Oops at #1. Sweet idea though.

Naomi Rebecca said...

What a happy bunch! Jen, I see a resemblance to your mom in you 'traditional' shot. :)

Great photos! Happy birthday again!!