Friday, May 30, 2008

Our days.....

The little one and I went to get the mail and when we came back we found #2 & #3 gathering some flowers. They were having such fun picking which ones they liked. They'd drive their cars along the sidewalk and stop at different places to pick a few.

We went to the beach today! It's been awhile since we have gone, it was good to be there again! #1 and #2 spent most of their water time getting water in their noodles and blowing it on each other. #3 swam around in his tube and collected shells. #4 spent alot of time playing in the sand, then finally wanted to play in the water. It was chilly! He is loving the water, we've been using the water wings in the pool and he will float around and have a grand ole time. Then he's tired and will lay his head on your shoulder until everyone is ready to go.

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