Thursday, May 29, 2008

kitchen helpers

Today was #2's day to help me cook. To try to help with the fighting over who helps in the kitchen we have a 3 day rotation marked on the calendar. If that person is not interested in helping then I will let someone else help. We recently came up with the system because I needed help with the chaos that happened if everyone was in the kitchen at once. It seems to work pretty well, although #3 is really bummed if it's his day to help and we aren't doing a lot of cooking.
We had Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. #2 is quite handy with the carrot peeler and I found out tonight that she is great at picking the meat off the chicken. She was working on that while I was getting the dumplings ready, when I went to double check that she had gotten all the chicken off the bones I was very happy to see she did! Great job sis! C&D were yummy and some were sent to the freezer for a fast meal when needed. Not sure how well dumplings freeze but nothing like trail and error to learn.

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