Wednesday, July 2, 2008

another fun day of shopping

I had a doctors appointment this morning and James was able to stay home with the little ones so was able to go to my appointment and grocery shopping all by myself. It was fun!! I managed to wow the cashier and baggers with my savings(I honestly didn't feel I did that well but was excited with what I did come away with) on the way to the car I told my bagger to check out the grocery game and gave her a quick talk about it. My favorite savings today was a package of cheese(16 slices) and 3 cans of nuts(11.5oz each) I only spent 30 cents on each of those items!! The cheese coupon was from the paper, you can still find the nuts online(planters) The nuts were $3 off if you bought 3 items(from certain brands-excluding single serve) someone clued me in to the fact that you could buy packets of kool aid. The nuts cost$3(so free with coupon) the koolaid was 10 cents a packet!! Now we don't drink kool aid but someone else suggested making play dough with it-so we'll be making a lot of good smelling play dough this year:)
Honestly, I am having so much fun with this coupon savings thing;)

We lost the trade winds over the weekend so it's been super hot and humid, thus not much posted lately. Too hot to do too much. The jelly fish were here over the weekend too, I think they said over 2,000 on Saturday-lots of people stung. Makes me hurt to think of it.
We had a fun day for the children at church on Saturday. Last year our theme was Fun in the Son So this was like a little mini VBS kinda thing to get the word out about this years program. They got to sing songs, hear about the word, make some projects and play some water games(and it turned out to be a great morning to do that!)
Monday the older kids went down the road to play with another church group. It's at a park so me and the younger ones were able to get some time to play together while the others did there thing. I thought for sure that #4 would be nice and ready for a nap when we got home but it still took him awhile to fall asleep.
Well, there is a quick update for those that want to be in the know:D

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