Friday, June 13, 2008

our new van

We have a pincher in the family. a biter too. He only seems to do it to his siblings and only when mom and dad aren't looking. But I've seen the evidence, it's not pretty. A good time to use his weapons of choice is in the van, where he is seated right next to his brother(#3). So we've been debating on how to rearrange the children to keep this nonsense down. We have a 8 seater van, but we decided the best thing to do was make it a 7 seater. This seemed this simplest solution but where would we store the seat? We really lack the storage out here. James found room in the shed and we will work on "geco proofing" the chair so it's not covered in poo next time we need it. We removed the middle seat in the middle row so now no one is sitting next to each other. It seems so roomy now! Like a whole new van!

Now to work on that little guy. He must learn to use words not action and the others must learn to listen to him and not ignore. He is very cute and sweet and loud and into everything!

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