Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Helping mom

#4 likes to help. It's one of the good influences from the others. Of course at his age it's sometimes hard to find things for him to do that are actually helpful and don't create more work. But since we want to encourage this, we do our best to find things for him. Today it was vacuuming. It was very cute to watch, he required the vacuum to be on while he pushed it around. Now again because of his size he was pushing it on the back two wheels so all it was sucking was air but he was having a grand ole time pushing it around the living room while I was finishing dinner. He had a big smile on his face the whole time-I love happy helpers!

James has been working some shift work lately which means I've been getting the children down for bed. Tonight has been a long night. I believe the blame is lack of physical activity. Day's like this I am dreaming of a big yard for the children to run around in. We were going to go to the park in the a.m. but one child was dragging their feet on some work. Then I planned to take them swimming after naps but 2 children decided to take a 3hour nap and the pool is too crowded by then and it's time to work on supper......
then the crazy shenanigans happen and I realize I have a headache and it's now too dark to run this energy out! Must make this a priority tomorrow!!

Good news-James found the camera charger today! It was hiding in the printer.

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