Monday, April 14, 2008

Prayers and Books

First I have a couple prayer requests. My mom was in an accident today. I guess she got rear ended. Dad said it looks like the car will be written off as a loss and that mom is starting to feel sore from the accident.
#2's surgery is scheduled for 9am on Friday. This could be bumped back but is the plan for now. Please pray for #2 and all the surgical team.

Now onto the fun stuff: books! I have some books to share for adults and they aren't Usborne books*gasp* see I do have variety in my life;)

The first is what's the difference? - Search
I'm reading this in a bible study I am in. It is very interesting, the point is to understand other religions so you can be a witness to them. I am learning more about other religions in this study then I did taking a comparative religion class in college. I find it interesting to see how some religions have twisted or taken the Bible out of context. I can see sometimes how it could be easy to do but then for them to get so many followers that are being lead astray...just breaks my heart really. This is a great book to read with other Christians so you get many points of views on everything that comes up.
The kids and I are reading The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis reading this book and reading what's the difference is very timely. The older kids and I have been enjoying this book-so look there I did recommend a kid book too.
The other book I'm reading is in Chronicles of the Kings Series by Lynn Austin. These are great books, I've read one and half so far! They are a very emotional read, I usually cry during the course of reading them. You can check out more reviews in the link.

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