Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's all the fuss Gus?

#1 was roaming through a rainy day art book that Grammy gave us a few years ago. He picked out several things he wanted to do. I told him which projects we had the material to do and he settled on a Yarn collage. Gathers the supplies he needs and is ready to create his master piece.....or is he? Soon he is screaming "I can't do it!" Jumping up and down, throwing something in disgust. I try to remain calm and banish him to his room as I say he needs some time to collect himself and cool off. He screams "You are not listening to me". I reply "No, I am not." "I will be happy to listen to your problem after you cool off and are thinking more rationally." That didn't make him any happier but he did go calm down and we had a nice little chat later. He had felt frustrated because the yarn was sticking to his hands and not the paper as easily as he thought it should. We discussed ways that might make it easier and this is what he created
. This year we have taken a look at paintings and read how artists sign their name and name their work so I asked him to do the same to his work. I guess all his creativity was used up for the day as you can tell by the title he named it exactly what he 'drew'.
This kid of mine gets so easily frustrated of seemingly easy things, often to go on and find that he can do them easily. I keep thinking he will soon understand that once he takes a step back and then comes back to the problem he will understand it in a new way. I guess some lessons take more time then others.

The following picture is an example of why we have a very sad looking garden. I have 3 boys. All of whom like to play in the dirt(ok the girl does too but we aren't talking about her today). When one plays in the dirt they often pull things out of the dirt. Things that I plant. Things that I'd like to grow. *sigh* My poor, poor tree-I couldn't bare to take a picture of what it looks like now. Instead I will leave you with my new flower arrangement.

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