Saturday, April 19, 2008

God is in control!

That is what my 3 year old was singing this morning(along to the radio) as we started our day. How true and what a great way to turn my mind and cares to Him. To hear my sweet little guy singing these words with all his might. We dropped the boys off at a friends home and they seem to have had a great day visiting -we will have to make an effort to get together more often!
James, #2 and I set off for the hospital where we got to wait. They had taken her off the admitting list and put her on the wait list, apparently there were no beds available. Weren't sure if we were going to get in today and of course the thought goes through mind(as I'm sure it would any parents mind) well maybe she's not suppose to have the surgery and everything is ok. Then all a sudden the nurse comes in and says they'll take us and they want us NOW. So we speed through all the paperwork and head to OR. #2 is skipping down the hallway, she hasn't a care in the world. She did wonderful, they were able to give her the sleeping gas before any IV's so she was a pretty happy girl. We head off to the waiting room. Then decide to go grab something from the cafeteria to eat as we hadn't had breakfast and the little snack food we brought wasn't going to tide us over until the afternoon. As we are heading back to the waiting room I see a dr walk across the hall and think to myself 'that looks alot like #2's dr. Turns out it was, she was done already. The doc couldn't find anything to remove! Yes, you heard that right!! The mass that has been showing up on all the testings, the latest test was done last week-and since that test it has disappeared!! Thank you Lord for healing !! Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! I am so happy and excited that The Lord has not only healed #2 but he gave her such a good day. She wasn't filled with all the anxiety as last time and did so very well. Praise the Lord!!
Oh, did I mention- she did so well she is at home now. No overnight stays for us, she is sleeping comfortably in her bed.


the O'Donovans said...

So glad that everything went well for #2. We were praying for the whole situation as well! Wonderful news. :-)

Shari said...

WOW! PTL for that. Isn't it amazing when He works like that? Gotta love it - and Him! Glad to hear all is going well.