Monday, April 28, 2008

It's been a busy day today. I took #1 for his appointment today and all is well. By well I mean what I've been thinking is going on with his body was confirmed and the Doctor is putting him on Miralax. He got an xray taken today and we go back in about another week to get another so he can have before and after shots done to make sure the Miralax is doing it's job. It's nice to finally be moving in a direction that will be helpful to him. The Doctor mentioned that after his system is cleaned out he'll probably start eating more-I was laughing so hard when she said this! I said,"He has no trouble eating now!" I suppose you could say are children come from parents who are very healthy eaters.
Oh and I saw Valerie while I was there. Hi Valerie! Sorry I was in such a daze while I was there, afterwards I was wishing I had given you a hug and told you how wonderful you looked.

#2 wasn't feeling very well yesterday. She didn't eat breakfast or dinner, which had me a bit worried. She says she's doing fine today but doesn't seem quite up to snuff. She goes tomorrow for her follow up from the last surgery so we'll be sure to talk to the dr. about it.

A friend of mine watched the kids while #1 had his dr. appt. and afterwards I watched her child while she ran in for some blood work. They just got a puppy yesterday, so we got to dog sit too. He was so cute! A little Jack Russell terrier. This is the thrid time this week the kids have really had "dog time" with some else's pet. Mom, Dad you'll be happy to know it's just confirming my thoughts on bringing our dog back out here. :)

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